Ilham Bahawalpur

لے دماغ و دل میں تازہ روح پھونک الہام سے

The Brief History of Ilham Bahawalpur:



It was first time published in May 1940 at Delhi (India) with the name “ILHAM DELHI” by his founder Mr. Syed Masood Hassan Shihab Dehlvi as political, general, literature magazine but his main motive is to promote “Sufihism concept”. It was going to published all over India till Independence day 14 Aug 1947 and  after Indo-Pak separation, it published again with the name “ILHAM BAHAWALPUR” since that period by the grace of Almighty Allah this magazine is publishing regularly. In the long journey of 70 years it suffers with lot of ups and downs but he faces impressively and also makes innovations according to need. 

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